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  1. Silverpäron (Pyrus salicifolia) är en art av päronsläktet i familjen rosväxter.Arten förekommer i västra Asien, från Turkiet till Armenien, Azerbajdzjan och nordvästra Iran.. Synonymer. Pyrus argyrophylla Diapulis, 1933; Källor. Mansfeld's World Database of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops; Walters, S.M. (1995)
  2. or rots, pear scab, sooty blotch, pear stony pit virus, high temperature injury. Flowers: Pear sucker, brown rot blossom wilt, bacterial blossom blight, apple bud rot and frost
  3. Pyrus salicifolia pendula is a weeping form of the Willow-leaved Pear. It is a very elegant, small tree with long, overhanging branches, suitable for even the smallest garden. It grows to only about 7 m (20ft) tall and 7m (20ft) wide. It is easily trimmed and can make an umbrella or ball shape
  4. dre träd med oregelbunden krona och långa, tunna grenar som växer mer eller
  5. The Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' produces inedible fruits that are hard and bitter. The pendulous pear tree grows around 20 ft. (7 m) and is 20 ft. (7 m) wide. Also called the willow-leaved pear due to the shape of its green leaves, the elegant weeping pear has arching branches

Vetenskapligt namn: Pyrus salicifolia Pendula Krukstorlek (cm): 22-27 Stamhöjd (cm): 60 Bladfärg: Silvergröna Blomfärg: Vit Typ: Prydnadsträd Blomningstid: Maj Trivs bäst i: Sol Zon: OBS! Notera att denna produkt levereras direkt hem till dig. Vid avisering är det viktigt att du snarast avtalar med transportören om lämplig tid The Bradford pear (Pyrus calleryana 'Bradford') in particular has become widespread in North America, and is used only as an ornamental tree, as well as a blight-resistant rootstock for Pyrus communis fruit orchards. The Willow-leaved pear (Pyrus salicifolia) is grown for its attractive, slender, densely silvery-hairy leaves. [citation needed Pyrus L. (1753) Conferenceperen aan de boom Afbeeldingen op Wikimedia Commons: Peer op Wikispecies: peren, granaatappel en appelbomen die prachtig fruit dragen en zoete vijgen en prachtige olijven. Al dat fruit rot niet in de zomer, noch valt het af in de winter, Pyrus salicifolia,. Pyrus salicifolia is a deciduous Tree growing to 7.5 m (24ft) by 4 m (13ft). It is hardy to zone (UK) 4 and is not frost tender. It is in flower in April, and the seeds ripen from September to October. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Insects This is Elaeagnus angustifolia, commonly known as Oleaster, or Elaeagnus 'Quicksilver'. A large, spiny evergreen shrub or small tree with silvery-grey, willowy leaves it is often mistaken for Pyrus salicifolia, the Willow-leaved Pear. The fragrant greenish-white flowers in June are followed by silvery amber fruits, which are actually edible

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Pyrus salicifolia, which means willow leaf pear, is native to the Middle East, Turkey and South-Eastern Europe and was introduced to Britain in about 1780. This weeping variety won the RHS Award of Garden Merit in 2002 for being both pretty and easy to grow. Bareroot planting is best done between October and Apri Pyrus Salicifolia Pendula forms clusters of pure white flowers with small black stamens. The profuse 'cloud' of flowers creates a beautiful display during April and May, these then go on to form green pear shaped fruits which are purely ornamental. Although not culinary pears, these fruits do provide a valuable food source for visiting birds File:Pyrus salicifolia, Fruit 4478.jpg. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. File; File history; File usage on Commons; File usage on other wikis; Metadata; Size of this preview: 800 × 533 pixels Noteworthy Characteristics. Pyrus salicifolia is a small, spreading, deciduous pear with willow-like, narrow, silver-gray leaves, hence the common name of willowleaf pear. It typically grows to 15-25' tall with an oval-rounded habit punctuated by attractive drooping branches Small garden weeping deciduous tree, Silver grey leaves, weeping branches, insignificant white flowers, can be pruned as mop head, excelent beside water

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Weeping pear or Willow leaf pear | ROSACEAE | Pyrus | P. salicifolia | 'Pendula' | Tree | Deciduous Specific epithet comes from Salix (willow genus) and folia meaning leaf. Ideal Site Sunlight/Soil/Exposure: Grow in average, moderately fertile, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun. Tolerates some light shade The Weeping Willow-leafed Pear (Pyrus salicifolia) is a weeping shaped, deciduous tree native to the middle east and eastern europe. It can be found in woodland and stony areas. P. salicifolia can grow up to 25 feet, however the weeping variety commonly reaches 15 feet Große Auswahl an Pyrus Salicifolia. Super Angebote für Pyrus Salicifolia hier im Preisvergleich Botanical name. Pyrus salicifolia. Other names. Willow-leaved pear, Willow leaf pear. Genus. Pyrus Pyrus. Species. P. salicifolia - P. salicifolia is a spreading, deciduous tree with pendent branches bearing narrowly elliptic or lance-shaped, grey-green leaves and dense racemes of creamy-white flowers in spring followed by green fruit.. Pyrus salicifolia is: Deciduou

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Specific epithet comes from Salix (willow genus) and folia meaning leaf. Clay, Loam or Sand Texture. The flowers grow in clusters during spring and are then followed by small green inedible fruit. Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' is a small tree with a weeping habit and will reach heights of 4m with a spread of 3m in a 20 year period. 'Silver Frost' is a weeping form that is very similar to P. PYRUS SALICIFOLIA PENDULA - Weeping Silver Leaved Pear Characteristics Pyrus salicifolia pendula is a weeping form of the Willow-leaved Pear. It is a very elegant, small tree with long, overhanging branches, suitable for even the smallest garden. It grows to only about 7 m (20ft) tall and 7m (20ft) wide

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Has Deciduous foliage. The silvery, pendulous foliage of weeping willow-leaf pear (Pyrus salicifolia Pyrus salicifolia est une espèce de poirier native du Moyen-Orient. Il est utilisé comme plante ornementale, en particulier le cultivar pleureur (en anglais : « pendulous » ou « weeping »). Il porte des noms variés tels willow-leaved pear [1], weeping pear, et d'autres similaires

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Pyrus pyrifolia belongs to the medium- to large-fruited Asian pears. Both P. communis and P. nivalis belong to the group of European species. Although the cultivated fruits of apples and pears are easily distinguished, the wild pears and wild apples are sometimes quite similar A special tree with long narrow silver-gray leaves that are covered in a silky down. The overall effect is graceful and arching. White blossom in spring followed by small inedible fruits. Quite stunning placed against a dark back ground or soft and sensual combined with white

De Wilgbladige treurpeer is winterhard en verliest zijn bladeren. Ieder voorjaar in april of mei bloeit de Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' met crèmewitte bloemen. De bloesem bedekt dan de hele boom. Tegelijkertijd met de bloesem verschijnt het grijs gekleurde blad. De vruchten van deze sierpeer zijn te verwaarlozen Flowers are creamy-white followed by small, green then brownish fruits. Full sun to part shade, not fussy about the soil if well-drained. Does not perform well in high summer heat. Hardy to USDA Zone 4 The species, Pyrus salicifolia, is native to southeastern Europe and th Buy weeping pear Pyrus salicifolia Pendula - Charming tree with weeping branches: 10 lt pot (1.5-1.8m): £79.99 Delivery by Crocus We use cookies to provide you with a better service and experience. Carry on browsing if you're happy with this, or find out how to manage cookies Pyrus salicifolia Weeping Silver Pear. 22 May. Pyrus salicifolia Weeping Silver Pear. Posted at 13:02h in P by Nishiki Nursery. 0 Likes. DESCRIPTION: A very pretty weeping tree grafted onto a standard. The flowers grow in clusters during spring and are then followed by small green inedible fruit Pyrus salicifolia Pall. - Willow Family Rosaceae Juss., genus Pyrus L. Synonyms. Pyrus argyrophylla Diap. Morphology and biology. Tree, up to 8-10 m tall in diameter, are assembled into inflorescences, each consisting of 5-7 (9) flowers. Petals are white, narrow, concave. Fruits are roundish or obtusely conical, yellowish.

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Fruit small rounded, 10-15 mm across, russet-dotted. Sun. Very adaptable to many different soils; tolerates drying and pollution Hardy to USDA Zone (5)6 , some cultivars listed as hardy to Zone 4 Species native to China, Viet Nam, Japan, and Korea Denne fil er udgivet under Creative Commons Kreditering-Del på samme vilkår 3.0 Ikke-porteret-licensen : Du har frihed til: at dele - at kopiere, distribuere og sende værket; at remixe - at bearbejde værket; På følgende vilkår: kreditering - Du skal kreditere værket på passende vis og indikere, om du har foretaget ændringer. Du må gøre dette på enhver rimelig måde, men ikke. An attractive deciduous tree with a broadly conical, single trunked habit and it has gracefully arching branches. The leaves are willow-like and have downy undersides when young. White flowers are borne in clusters in spring and are followed by inedibl

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Download this free picture about Pear Kernobstgewaechs Pyrus from Pixabay's vast library of public domain images and videos. Explore . Fruit, Pear, Pear Basket, Sweet, Bio. Bright, Bulb, Depth Of Field, Dusk. pear, kernobstgewaechs, pyrus salicifolia, willow-leaved pear,. ☘️ Hrušeň vrbolistá 'Pendula' - Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' - pohodlně online. Pečlivě balíme a garantujeme OK doručení či výměnu. Výhodná cena od 5 690 Kč s rychlým doručením a 1000+ odběrnými místy Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' Breed groeiende treurboom met afstaande, overhangende takken met dunne twijgen die recht naar beneden groeien. De hoogte is circa 5 - 6 m en de boom wordt vaak even breed. De schors is zilvergrijs, de Lees mee Treurpeer Pyrus salicifolia - 1 boom | Treurpeer Pyrus salicifolia heeft een groote sierwaarde door zijn viltige, grijs/groene bladeren en witte blomen..

Like all flowering trees, ornamental pears will fruit, however the fruit, when it does appear is small and inedible. Landscaping Uses Pyrus Calleryana are one of the most popular species however other ornamental Pear varieties (pyrus ussuriensis and salicifolia) are also favourite trees for street trees, landscaping and for use as feature trees in the home garden How to take care of Pear Pyrus salicifolia. Grow in containers against a south-facing wall or in a sheltered spot on your terrace. The root growth is very vigorously and if left unrestricted will result in less fruit. It requires sun all day long to produce sweet edible fruit Pyrus salicifolia ist ein sommergrüner Baum, der eine Wuchshöhe von zehn Meter erreicht. Die Triebe sind mit Dornen besetzt. Er besitzt graufilzige, sehr kurz gestielte, weidenähnliche Laubblätter. Die Breite der Blätter beträgt bis zu zwei Zentimeter, ist aber variabel Sierperen: soorten, snoeien, gebruik en algemene inf Het blad van Pyrus salicifolia lijkt erg op dat van de wilg, smal en grijs later meer groen en zacht behaard. Deze boom bloeit met cremewitte bloesems gevolgd door kleine peertjes in sept/okt. De peertjes zijn wel eetbaar maar erg bitter van smaak maar wel geliefd bij vogels. De schors van de stam is zilvergrijs. Snoeien mag in het voorjaar

Pyrus Communis Pear. Ancestor of the fruiting pear. White blossom in spring, followed by small, edible fruit. Leaves turn gold and orange in autumn Wairere Nursery - your online store for roses, camellias, fruit trees, shrubs, perennials, natives, ornamental trees and general gardening supplies. WAIRERE NURSERY. shop info how to log in Pyrus Salicifolia Pendula H/W 1.5. New stock arriving middle of July, 2021. Pre-order now. Estimated price $59.99 each. Payment when stock arrives.

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Pyrus salicifolia - 'Pendula' is an interesting and adaptable semi-weeping pear with distinctive silvery-grey foliage. Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' is useful for smaller gardens or parks in which foliage and form contrast is desired. Height: 4 metres. Width: 4 metres Pyrus Salicifolia 'Pendula' from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy - Information: silver foliage with a graceful drooping habit, flowers white. Deciduous - lance-shaped to narrowly elliptic, willow-like, grey-felted leaves to 9cm (3½in) long, becoming hairless with age.White - creamy-white

Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' (Wilgbladige treur sierpeer) bij Tuincentrum.nl: het tuincentrum dat thuisbezorgt Gratis bezorging vanaf 50,- Deskundig advies van specialisten Uses: Ornamental pear with a slightly weeping habit. Produces rich displays of scented white flowers in spring. Can be used in gardens as a feature or along perimeters as a screen. Does produce small brown, green fruits is Autumn

Find Weeping Willowleaf Pear (Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula') in Vancouver Victoria Burnaby Penticton Coquitlam British Columbia BC at GardenWorks. Find Weeping Willowleaf Pear The fruit can be messy if allowed to drop on the lawn or walkways, and may require occasional clean-up Description: Summary[] DescriptionAPI English: Willow-leafed Pear, Willowleaf Pear or Weeping Pear (Pyrus salicifolia) fruits in Kew Gardens.Magyar: Fűzlevelű díszkörte (Pyrus salicifolia) gyümölcsök a Kewban. Date 3 October 2011 Source Kew Gardens Author EmŠke Déne

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Fruit Trees. Bareroot fruit trees (November - March) Potted fruit trees in stock now; Medlars, Figs and Other Fruit Trees; Conifers; Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' (Weeping Pear) - 200/250cm. £38.00 Shipping: Calculated at checkout Current Stock: 1 Gift Wrapping: Options. Latin Name: Pyrus salicifolia pendula Soil: Fertile, well-drained soil Habit: Weeping Position: Sunny or partial shade Flowering period: Spring Colour: Creamy-white Hardiness: Fully hardy Eventual Height/Spread: 6m x 4m / 20ft x 14ft Special features: Silvery leaves and weeping branches. Symbolism, Folklore & Old Wives Tales Health & Hope 2017-sep-02 - Utforska Johanna Perssons anslagstavla Pyrus salicifolia på Pinterest. Visa fler idéer om trädgård, buskar, trädgård träd 5. Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' Trees for small gardens - Pyrus salicifolia. Elegant Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' has slim, silvery foliage and slender weeping branches. It will tolerate most soil types, as long as it's in a sunny spot

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The pear ( Pyrus communis L.) is a typical fruit of temperate regions, having its origin and domestication at two different points, China and Asia Minor until the Middle East. It is the fifth most widely produced fruit in the world, being produced mainly in China, Europe, and the United States. Pear belongs to rosaceous family, being a close cousin of the apple, but with some. Fruits: pear-shaped, green with brown lenticels, 2 - 3 cm ; Beskrivning Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' (salicifolia = willow leaf) and remains on the tree until late in the autumn. The creamy white flowers grow in umbels of 6 - 8 together and appear at the same time as the leaves Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' or Weeping Silver Pear Pyrus callerayana also has white blossom, early in spring followed by small, inedible fruit. This is also known as the Callery Pear, originating in China and Vietnam Pyrus found in: Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula', Fruit Tree Collection Mini Fruit Tree, Pear 'Benita', Pear 'Doyenné du Comice', Pear 'Red William', Pear.

fruit yield on European pear were also able to set a sufficient number of seeds. In addition to the mentioned Pyrus species, P. balansae, P. longipes and P. canescens have been proven to give a good fruit set on 'Doyénne du Comice' (Parry, 1980). Parry (1976) also screened P. amygdaliformis, P. nivalis (snow pear) and P. salicifolia Pyrus are deciduous trees or shrubs with oval leaves and scented white flowers in spring, followed by green or brown fruits, edible in some species.. Pyrus are easy to grow and like full sun in fertile soil.. Pyrus salicifolia Pendula is an elegant weeping tree with narrow greyish silver leaves and creamy white flowers, followed by small brownish fruits Jan 29, 2020 - Pyrus Salicifolia Pendula - Weeping Silver Pear trees, lovely white flowers, ornamental fruits, weeping habit. Quality good size trees for sale online UK Like all fruit trees, you will need to prune Pyrus Communis Conference annually in late winter. Hardy, self-fertile and adaptable to a variety of different conditions, Pyrus Communis Conference is a great choice for UK gardeners! We also sell Pyrus Communis Conference as a Fan trained Pear Tree Dec 12, 2020 - About Garden Design - Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula

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Buy makes an elegant and easy to grow focal point. This small elegant tree has a weeping habit with silvery willow like leaves on branches forming a naturally neat, dense canopy it almost has the look of an olive tree!it makes a superb specimen tree for a lawn or small garden. Pyrus is very. . .Egardener Onlin Pyrus salicifolia Pendula. Common Name: Pear - Weeping Silver. Description: Fruit is pear-shaped, grey green but inedible. A great feature tree for smaller gardens. Tree categories: Heritage tree. Autumn colour. Evergreen Tree. Flowering/Ornamental. Shade tree. Narrow spaces. Hedge & Screening Pyrus salicifolia pendula A semi-weeping pear that does well as a feature in small gardens. Distinctive silver-grey foliage. Forms a dense rounded tree with narrow foliage. Fruit is green, insignificant and inedible. Effective when used as screen against buildings and other garden structures. Origin: Europe and Asia

The willow-leaved pear, P. salicifolia Pallas, with densely silvery-pubescent leaves, pendent branches, and brown, pyriform pomes, is rarely cultivated in North America and is not known to escape. The Ussurian pear, P. ussuriensis Maximowicz, is less often cultivated and not known in North America as an escape; it is distinguished by persistent sepals on the fruit and spinulose-serrate leaf. Pyrus communis 'Doyenne du Comice' Other names. Pear 'Doyenne du Comice' Genus. Pyrus Pyrus. Variety or Cultivar 'Doyenne du Comice' _ 'Doyenne du Comice' is a compact, deciduous pear tree, with white flowers in spring. In early autumn it produces sweet, golden green fruit that is tinged pink. It will grow from 2.5 - 8 m depending on the rootstock In April and May the branches are covered with single, creamy-white,scented flowers followed by inedible small, greenish-brown fruits. Birds will soon be attracted to the fruits. The leaves turn a bronzed-green in autumn prior to falling. Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' is a particularly useful specimen tree for the smaller garden. Height: 5m (15') P. salicifolia growns to 25 feet high by 20 feet wide. Family: Rosaceae. Tree Characteristics. Weeping with a Low Canopy. Rounded, Weeping Shape. Has Deciduous foliage. Height: 15 feet. Width: 12 feet. Growth Rate: 24 Inches per Year. Longevity 50 to 150 years. Leaves Lanceolate to Ovate, Light Green, No Change, Deciduous. Flowers Showy. White

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Wilgbladige peer - pyrus salicifolia - opgaande vorm Zou iemand weten waar je een pyrus salicifolia in niet-treurvorm zou kunnen aankopen ? (regio Gent, Zuid O-Vl of Zuid W-Vl)Of is het mogelijk toch een onderbeplanting (genre rhodo, hydrangea) te behouden en erboven enkele pyrus pendulavormen aan te planten Common Name: Weeping Willow Leaved Pear Tree Latin Name: Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' Soil: Fertile, well-drained soil Position: Full sun or partial shade Flowering period/colour: April/White flowers Hardiness: Fully hardy Eventual height/spread in 20 years: 4m/3m Special features: Small deciduous weeping tree with silver willow-like foliage. Also has inedible green fruit

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Phone 06 328 7803 . Address 752 Taonui Road, Colyton . Email office@pioneernursery.co.n pear, blossom, bloom, pear blossom, fruit tree, fruit tree blossom, white, detail, close up, pyrus communis, tree Public Domai We would love to hear from you! For any questions or inquiries please fill out the 'Contact Us' form and we will do our best to get back to you within 2 business days Pyrus salicifolia is a species of pear, native to the Middle East.It is widely grown as an ornamental tree, almost always as a pendulous (or weeping) cultivar, and is called by various common names, including willow-leaved pear, weeping pear, and similar.The tree is deciduous and of comparatively small stature, rarely reaching 10-12 meters in height Pyrus regelii Pyrus salicifolia Pyrus salvifolia Pyrus serrulata Pyrus syriaca Pyrus ussuriensis. Pears are trees of the genus Pyrus and the fruit of that tree, edible in some species. Pears are native to temperate regions of the Old World, from western Europe and north Africa east right across Asia

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Généralement greffé sur Pyrus communis (Poirier commun), le Pyrus salicifolia est peu exigeant quant à la nature du sol. Il supporte les sols superficiels, compacts, légers, acides ou calcaires et gorgés d'eau de façon temporaire. Seuls les sols trop secs et très calcaires ne lui conviennent pas. Plantez le au soleil ou à mi-ombre Native to the Middle East, Pyrus salicifolia is a species of deciduous pear widely grown as an ornamental tree. It has a semi-weeping habit, white flowers, small inedible fruit and willow-like,... Quick View Pick Options Pick Options Heritage Fruit Trees 297 Back Raglan Road, Beaufort Victoria, Australia 3373 ABN 30 006. Or would you like further information about Pyrus salicifolia? Make an appointment for a detailed planting recommendation. Call +31(0) 485 31 20 21 or email 0 Half-stem trees 0 Feathered trees 0 Multi-stemmed trees 0 Climate trees 0 Trees for climbing 0 Shade trees 0 Characteristic trees 0 Fruit trees 0 Conifers 0 Woodland planting stock 0. Trouver la pyrus salicifolia pendula photo idéale Une vaste collection, un choix incroyable, plus de 100 millions d'images LD et DG abordables de haute qualité. Pas besoin de vous inscrire, achetez dès maintenant

Weeping Willow Tree found in: Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula', A bushy, dense, deciduous spreading small tree. The weeping branches are cloaked in silvery. pyrus. FAQ. Recherche d'information médicale. fr) la Rouille grillagée du Poirier (en) European pear rust (de) Päronrost, Birnengitterrost (cz) Rez hrušňová (pl)Nagoć sawiniowa (rs) Rđa Kruške (es) Roya del peral. (phrygana.eu)champignon hétéroïque, ayant comme hôte primaire les Genévriers ( Juniperus et comme hôte secondaire le Poirier ( Pyrus Pyrus - Growing Guide. Growing Pyrus. Pear. Pear trees come in two forms; there are those which are purely for the productions of fruit and there are those which are ornamental flowering trees in their own right which also produce pear shaped fruit. P. salicifolia 'Pendula' is a small tree with weeping branches Trouver la pyrus salicifolia orientalis photo idéale Une vaste collection, un choix incroyable, plus de 100 millions d'images LD et DG abordables de haute qualité. Pas besoin de vous inscrire, achetez dès maintenant

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